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Way To Wave - C-System & Josh L. Larue - Encounters Of The Second Kind (File)

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  1. Free The Wave study unit worksheets for teachers to print. Comprehension by chapter, vocabulary challenges, creative reading response activities and projects, tests, and much more!
  2. Crest to Crest, Trough to Trough, or any other complete cycle of a wave. The second aspect you need is the wave Frequency, or the number of waves or vibrations produced per second. The frequency is measured in Hertz and the Wavelength is measured in meters. Wavelength 1 meter Low Frequency 3 Hz.
  3. The wave is seen as the motion of the compressed region (ie, it is a pressure wave), which moves from left to right. The second animation at right shows the difference between the oscillatory motion of individual particles and the propagation of the wave through the medium.
  4. On the third day of The Wave, David picks up Laurie on her way to school. He's very excited about using The Wave for the football team: even the Coach Schiller thinks it might work. Laurie tells David that her mother is worried that The Wave is some kind of "brainwashing" () and that Ben Ross "is manipulating" () the students.
  5. Amplitude maximum displacement of wave; measure of wave’s energy 3. Frequency the number of waves passing a point per second; symbol is ν or f and SI unit is Hertz (Hz) 4. Period time for one wave; symbol is T and SI unit is second T = 1 / ν or T = 1/f ν = 1 / T or f = 1/T 5.
  6. The distance a wave travels per second determines its _____. The _____ of a wave depends on its _____, not its frequency. 1. speed 2. speed 3. medium. A compression wave produced by vibrations in matter. Molecules in the medium move back and forth, pushing nearby molecules.
  7. Intro to Waves Unit Key Vocabulary Vibrations: movement that follows the same path repeatedly; gives waves their energy; Waves: a travelling disturbance that carries energy from one place to another Crest: highest point (peak) of a transverse wave Trough: lowest point of a transverse wave Amplitude: the greatest movement from the resting position.
  8. The next day, Ben Ross ’s students file into history class sluggishly as always. Brad sticks a “kick me” sign to Robert ’s back, and many students distractedly stand around talking rather than taking their seats. As Ross starts class, he writes the words “STRENGTH THROUGH DISCIPLINE” on the blackboard, and tells the class they are going to have an “exciting” lesson about.

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