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  1. tarpit definition: Noun (plural tarpits) 1. a geological occurrence where subterranean bitumen leaks to the surface, creating a lake of asphaltOrigin tar +"Ž pit.
  2. Tar pit definition is - an area in which natural bitumens collect and are exposed at the earth's surface and which tends to trap animals and preserve their hard parts (such as bones or teeth).
  3. Beware: this page is horribly outdated. In Warhammer terminology (both Warhammer Fantasy and 40k), a Tarpit is a big blob of expendable and/or durable infantry intended to be a giant pain in the ass and functionally a living wall designed to slow enemies down and keep foes tied up by either flanking/assaulting them, or act as a wall of taifluslinkvehocontglucosimthralorse.coinfoy capable of being placed in cover, almost.
  4. Download TARPIT for free. None. Hybrid SIEM solution combining real-time (event) log monitoring with comprehensive system health & network monitoring provides users with a complete picture of their servers and taifluslinkvehocontglucosimthralorse.coinfoing System: BSD, Solaris, Linux.
  5. Tarpit definition, seepage of natural tar or asphalt, especially an accumulation that has acted as a natural trap into which animals have fallen and sunk and had their bones preserved. See more.
  6. In addition to our world-famous Tar Pits and more than million Ice Age fossils, we offer a diverse range of events and programming throughout the year.
  7. Tarpit synonyms, Tarpit pronunciation, Tarpit translation, English dictionary definition of Tarpit. n. An accumulation of natural bitumen at the earth's surface, especially one that traps animals and preserves their bones and other hard parts. n.
  8. Apr 17,  · Tarpit. From Starbounder - Starbound Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. This is an underground Mini-Biome type characterized by its lakes of Oil, scattered bones and tar blocks. There is a distinctive abundance of various ores, but the creatures here are also more dangerous.
  9. Tarpit Tomb comes from the Tar (black oil-like stuff) where the entrance to this tomb is covered with. The name is made up by players, CipSoft does not Location: Below the Kha'labal desert, here.

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